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Hard Drive Duplication Service

Handisc offers a professional hard disk duplication service for any size IDE, USB, SATA & Solid State hard drive. We can copy both internal & external hard drives with no limits on the amount you need copying. Whether it's 1 or 10000 we will be able to duplicate these.

Every hard drive we copy is duplicated using "bit for bit" technology. This is the only way to guarantee the formatting & data from your master disk is exactly the same on the copies. This method also allows us to copy and data format of hard disk. E.G. MAC, PC, Linux.......and so on. We are copying the RAW blocks of data and not the files and folders formatting is never changed. This is very important when duplicating hard drives and USB Keys. We achieve this using professional duplication equipment and no hard drives are copied by linking them to a PC and using "copy/paste".

How does the duplication process work?

  • Send us your finished master hard drive
  • The master is then virus screened & tested to make sure there are no errors in the disk or data
  • The master is then duplicated "bit for bit" to ensure the format & data is identical on the copies
  • The copies are randomly tested and then packed into their anti-static bags or chosen packaging
What formats can we duplicate?
  • IDE
  • SATA
  • USB 2.0 & USB 3.0
  • Solid State
  • Internal & External
  • MAC, PC, Linux, Unix, Audio, Data, Game
Blank hard drives

We are able to supply the blank hard drives if needed but we are also able to duplicate blanks that have been supplied to us by the customer. You don't have to purchase hard drives from us to use our service.

What does hard drive duplication cost?

Hard drive copying is very cost effective but costs do vary depending on the type of hard drive, size, quantity & timescale. As we have found that most jobs are slightly different we now quote on a job by job basis. Please contact our Sales Team for a quote. 01264 335118 or info@handisc.co.uk

Other Services

  • Data verification & smart verification
  • Erase or reformatting service - Make sure you're hard drives and keys really are blank
  • Speed testing

Who uses our hard drive duplication service?

  • PC builders - If you need lots of PC's with the same data on each hard disk then prepare a master hard drive and have it copied. Once you fit the copied hard drives you would just need to activate / register any software to make it unique to that PC and you're ready to go.
  • Audio / Video Catalogues & Databases -Due to the file size and need to update these regularly means that supplying your data on hard drive is convenient and relatively low cost. Lots of editing suites don't have internet access due to virus and security issues so connecting a external USB hard disk solves these issues.
  • Anyone with large amounts of data - If you need to move, backup or duplicate large amounts of data then hard drives are a great option. More cost effective than Blu-Ray or Dual Layer DVD and more accessible.
  • Forensic - Backup and duplicate your data with a guaranteed copy. Make copies of PC hard drives and other storage devices.

What Next?

Get in touch today and speak to our Sales or Support team. Talk through any questions or ideas you might have and see what we can do to help.

Tel: 01264 335118 or Email: info@handisc.co.uk

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